How to keep Labels with exported files??

I just completed narrating an audiobook, resulting in roughly a 4.5 hour file. At the end of each chapter, I created a Label to indicate end of each chapter. Then I exported the file as WAV. My goal was to break up the single WAV file into MP3s for upload to ACX.

I then ran some Effects updates to get the file to pass the ACX check. I then exported this file as an MP3.

However, now, when I import either the WAV or the MP3 files, neither comes back with the Labels - so now I have no idea where the chapters start and end - UGH!

What is the best way to manage the recordings to keep the Labels so you can break them up accordingly for ACX upload??

I guess now i have to listen the file all over again and mark the selections again - not fun.

Any best practices here??

The best way is to use “Export Multiple”. This allows you to export each labelled section as a separate file (which is what ACX want).
See: Splitting a recording into separate tracks - Audacity Manual
Exporting multiple audio files - Audacity Manual

Or you can export the labels to a text file with File > Export > Export Labels

and then later import the single long WAV file and then import the labels with File > Import > Labels


VERY HELPFUL for organizing - thanks!

So just to clarify, is there no way to export the single audio file and all its labels together as a “package”? then import this package again later for editing?

seems like your stating here that the audio file and the labels need to be exported as separate files, then imported separately as well?

No. If you want labels in the “package”, save as an Audacity Project. If you want a standard audio file (no labels), use “Export”.

thank you so much for your prompt responses!