How to increase bit rate on mp3 file to 192 bit for ACX

Hi I am new to ACX and audacity…I sent ACX a mp3 file and I got an error msg, need to increase bit rate to mp3. I have window 10 and the latest version of audacity as I just downloaded it a week ago. Any ideas on what settings I need to change to make this happen?

When you export you should see “Format Options” below where you enter the file name. Choose Constant Bitrate Mode and 192 kbps (or higher) for Quality.

Just in case you haven’t found these yet: Here is the [u]Audacity Audiobook Mastering Wiki[/u], which includes a link to the ACX Check plug-in.

And, here are the actual [u]ACX Requirements[/u].

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ACX Submission is required to be MP3 at a minimum constant bit rate of 192. It is strongly suggested you do it in mono (one blue wave) and not stereo (two blue waves).

When you get your work ready. File > Export > Export as MP3.

Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 14.24.51.png

If you submit in mono, Channel Mode doesn’t make any difference.

Are you submitting a short sound test? That’s a good idea rather than reading the whole book and only then find out you did something wrong.

You should not be doing your work directly in MP3. That can create sound distortion. Export raw readings as WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit. This is the backup if your computer dies in the middle of production. Oh, yes, it does happen.

Then, when you get done with editing, processing, mastering, etc, Export your Edit Master as WAV and only then make the MP3 for them.

If they find problems with your submission, go back to the WAV to fix it and make a whole new MP3.


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ACX doesn’t do exhaustive analysis of your work and they won’t discuss it with you. They usually find one thing wrong and bounce your post. You could have other things wrong and you can go 'round and 'round for a long time.

You can post a reading test here and we’ll beat it up. We have similar hardware tests to ACX and we can guess pretty well at the theatrical tests (can you read clearly?). You have to pass both.


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