How to fade effects in and out


Very new to the product so just learning the ropes. I’m wondering how to apply an effect which fades in and out across say 10 seconds.
For example, I wanted to use AuHiPass to have an effect slide in an out. When I apply the AuHiPass effect it just applies it to the WHOLE track.
Any points to how to fade an effect in and out like described?


Select the first 10 (or X) seconds, use click&drag in the waveform - then use Effect > Fade In

Select the last 10 seconds - then use Effect > Fade Out

You may prefer (I do) to use - then use Effect > Studio Fade Out for a more “professional” fade.



If you want an “effect” to fade in, then:

  1. Duplicate the track (
  2. Apply the effect to the duplicate track.
  3. Apply a fade-out to the original track and a fade-in to the duplicate track.

You could also use the “Crossfade Tracks” effect: