How to copy selection of audio file

I am trying to select a section of an MP3 file to copy and play separately from the entire file. I select where I want the clip to begin, the audio begins playing, but the copy button is greyed out. When I press stop, my selection disappears. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. This should be a very simple operation. See my screenshot of the selection.
audio file selection.png

You need to click and drag in the waveform (and not the Timeline, as you have done) to make the selection.
Once you’ve got the proper selection you may want to label it with a range label to preserve it. - on Mac use Cmd + B to do that.

Or you can use Select > Region > Store Selection

and then later Select > Region > Retrieve Selection


Thank you. Yes, that should have been obvious but I don’t use Audacity frequently enough to be familiar with its features. Much appreciated.