How to convert file .aup to mp3 [SOLVED]

Dear all,
I play a song on Audacity, and I record my voice at the same time. At the end of the song, I close the program, it asks me to Save before closing, I click Save. The saved song in .aup format (does it mean audacity process or something else?). Please help me to convert this .aup file to mp3, so I can play it with any audio player devices.
Thank you very much and have a good day.

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That’s the Audacity Project Manager file. It works _with the DATA folder of the same name to construct your show. Don’t lose that folder.

Anyway, open the AUP file (which will open the _DATA folder) and when your show arrives in blue waves on the timeline, File > Export > MP3.

Audacity doesn’t come with MP3 exporting software, so you do have to install that yourself.


The AUP file is part (note that it is only “part”) of an Audacity project.
As Koz wrote, there are two parts to a project. There is a “_data” folder that contains all of the audio data, and there is an AUP file that tells Audacity what to do with that data.
To create a normal audio file you must “Export” from Audacity.
See here for a full description:

Thanks Koz and Steve.
I follow your instruction, download and install LAME. Eureka! I got a MP3 file at last. Thank you both of you.

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