Convert .aup to mp3

I am trying to convert some pretty old AUP files (made around 2011) to MP3. Any help? I just downloaded the new version of Audacity as I can’t find my old program (disc?). Thanks.

The method is the same as 10 years ago: Export as mp3. Menu “File → Export Audio” and select mp3 as the export format. The newer versions of Audacity don’t need the installation of third-party software for exporting to .mp3.
If you want to split a recording into pieces (individual songs etc.) you need to set markers where to split the recording. Have a look at the Audacity manual.

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Audacity doesn’t save aup sound files. Audacity saves Projects which have an .AUP Project Manager file and a _DATA folder of the same name with the actual sound in little snippets.

Projects will only open when the .AUP file and the _DATA folder are in the same location or folder.

The newer Audacity versions use the .AUP3 file which is everything in one file. It was very common for people to assume their .AUP file was the whole show and delete or lose the _DATA folder. That is the death of the show. You have all your _DATA folders, right?