How to connect PA system to Audacity

I have a PA System. The model number is PA4/200 DSP.
I have been playing with it in concerts with different instruments, but now I want to use it to record something.
I also have microphones with these cables:

My computer is an Acer Ferrari 1100
I don’t know how I could connect the PA to my computer and if I should keep the microphone and guitar on my PA and then the PA to the computer.
Please explain carefuly, because my English is delicate.

My PA:
2 X 75W RMS/4Ohms, 4-Channel PA w/ built-in digital signal processor (DSP) - Features: 2 x 10" speakers - XLR & 1/4" inputs - 3-band EQ (Bass/Middle/Treble) - Master volume control - Line-in Volume control - Input for tape/CD player (in is white, CD/tape is red) - FX loop send/return inputs allowing connection of outboard effects devices or equalizers, with individual mix / level control on each channel - 16 internal DSP effects including 8 x Reverb, 2 x Delay, 3 x Chorus, 1 x Flanger, 1 x Vocal Mute & 1 x “Rotating speaker” effect - Powered Mixer: Dimensions (H x W x D)=120 x 490 x 260 mm / 4.7 x 18.9 x 10.2 in., Weight: 8.66 Kg / 19.09 lbs - Speakers: Dimensions (H x W x D)=505 x 370 x 310 mm / 19.9 x 14.6 x 12.2 in. each, Weight: 12.58 Kg / 27.73 lbs each.

My computer:
Acer Ferrari 1100
Windows Vista
3 x USB 2.0 ports
1 x microphone
1 x Line-in Jack
1 x headphone / line-out jack with SPD-F support
1 x DC-in jack for AC adapter

Thanks for your help.

We can do anything with the amplifier, but the problem is almost always the computer. You said the computer had a Line-In. The web site did not say the computer had a line-in. Having one is critical for recording your music.

Most laptops have a place to plug in a mono, very low-level microphone for Skype or personal recording. Most Macs and Large Deskside PCs have a Stereo Line-In to record your amp.

So dig some more. It has to say in perfect clear English that you have a Stereo Line-In – or the socket on the side of the computer should be blue instead of pink.

Given that you don’t, you’re a candidate for one of the nice USB external Sound Cards out there.


Ther may be another problem - I took at look at the online manual for tha PA system - and I couldn’t see line-out sockets anywhere. The only outputs appear to be the speakers. Is this correct ann1090?


Lots of people use the headphone output. Is there one of those? I couldn’t get close enough to the pictures to see anything.