How to change playback speed?

In Audacity 2.3.2 for Windows, I’d like to change the playback speed of MP3s to 1.5x. I have a new macro setup with the following:

01 Increase Playback Speed
02 Export as MP3
03 - END -

When I execute this macro on a batch of MP3 files, nothing happens. They are exported to a new “macro-output” subfolder but the speed does not change.

In the macro settings, the Parameters column for Increase Playback Speed is not editable. I’m guessing this is not the right command to use.

When Audacity had chains, this was fairly easy. All of the converted MP3s would export into a “cleaned” folder at 1.5x. Is that not possible with the new versions that now use macros?

Use the Change Speed command in your Macro - that has editable parameters.


That only changes the playback speed of the “Play at Speed” button (Play-at-Speed Toolbar - Audacity Manual), it does not change the audio.
You need to use one of the speed changing effects. Either “Change Speed” or “Change Tempo”:
Change Speed and Pitch - Audacity Manual
Change Tempo - Audacity Manual

Thanks! I had just found it right after I posted. Here’s the workflow for converting to a higher speed:

Change Playback Speed 1.5x
Change Pitch -32%
Export as MP3