how to change my tracks to mp3 so i can put them onto a cd

hello, i just started making music on my computer using audacity and i wanted to put some of my work onto a cd and also i wanted to put some on my myspace page. i think i need to convert it to mp3 format but not sure the correct way to do that. i was looking on audacity’s website and i think i found out how but not sure. IS IT THE LAME PROGRAM I NEED TO DOWNLOAD??? could someone please help me out?

To make a “proper” CD you will need to export WAV files (at 44.1kHz stereo 16-bit PCM - the Red Book standard for CDs).

It is possible to make a CD with MP3s but you will need computer of special CD player to play them.

You need MP3s (or sililar) if you want compressed music files for a portable music player - and yes you need LAME if you want to export MP3s.


Transferring tapes and records to computer or CD

Lame Installation

when burning a CD from MP3s, the burning application coverts them to wav files first… so yeah, wav is the way to go.

Yes maybe - but why on earth would you want tgo go to a compressed format (MP3 ) first and then reflate to WAVs for burning to CD??

It’s like taken chicken soup, dehydrating it to powder and then adding water to make “chicken soup” - similar to but in no way the real thing …


You wouldn’t. That’s why a wav file is the way to go. MP3 is just a compression format for waveform files. It’d be best to skip the stripping lossy compression does and stick with uncompressed audio.