How to change frequency of a track to less than 1000 Hz?

I will change the frequency of a track to 400 Hz. Somehow Audacity is not supporting this, you can only change it to 8000 Hz or am I wrong?

Tell us exactly what you are trying to do.

If you are trying to change the pitch of the track(s) so that A=440 Hz concert pitch becomes 400 Hz, Edit > Select > All to select all the track(s), then in Effect > Change Pitch, in “Percent Change”, enter “-9.091” (without quotes). Click OK.

The sample rate of the project (“Project rate” bottom left of the window) does not affect the pitch of the audio that it contains, though it does limit the highest frequency that the audio can contain. A given sample rate can contain frequencies up to half the sample rate.

The default 44100 Hz rate can thus contain the highest frequencies humans can hear with some to spare.


I am not a musician and I don’t have huge experieneces with editing music tracks.

I just want to change the Hz of a track to less than 1000 and I did’t understand how to do it. I have changed the pitch the way you described but it is not simple to understand. Why I had to type in - 9.091 in Percent Change. It would be much easier when I could change it directly without the Percent Change conversion. What is when I will try to change it to 500 Hz which Percent Change I have to type in, maybe you could explain me a bit how it works?

I just want to change the pitch of a track and I didn’t check the function of the bottom left to the window.

Thank you for help now I hope that I understand how it works. When you have saved the new file as a mp3 file is it possible the check the new frequency? I will get sure that I made it right.

Please tell us what you are trying to do and why. If someone has told you to retune the track to 400 Hz because it is more relaxing (the usual reason people give) then -9.091 percent is the correct approach.

You cannot just type 440 Hz in “Frequency to” because all Change Pitch does is detect the pitch of the song right at the start of the track. If the song starts on middle C (261 Hz) then typing 440 Hz will raise the pitch of the whole song by 67 per cent.

What are you trying to do? A song is made of lots of notes at different pitch (hence different frequencies). You can change the current pitch of all the frequencies in the song by a given amount.

If you want the whole song to be a constant 500 Hz note, select the song and Generate > Tone and choose 500 Hz.

When you have exported the MP3 you can drag it back into Audacity and use Effect > Change Pitch. It will tell you the pitch of the first meaningful note if detects. That pitch will not necessarily be 500 Hz unless you made the whole song to be nothing but a note at 500 Hz.


Oh sorry I have forgotten to tell you the reason. So the reason is that I suffer from Tinnitus and therefore I will adjust a track to my Tinnitus frequency which is at 600 Hz roughly.

I’m no expert on Tinnitus, but other users on this forum have reported benefits by removing a frequency band that corresponds with their “Tinnitus frequency”.

There is a rather long, but informative discussion about it here:
The latest version of the “band stop filter” mentioned in that discussion is available here:
Instructions for installing the plug-in are here:

a few more years playing with Seamus o’B and you may well be, Steve … :wink:


I’ve just learned to live with mine, I noticed a few years back listening tp a Mozart chamber piece. I thought I’ve never heard that high-pitched whine on this CD before - what’s wrong with the hi-fi - but it was me not the hi-fi :frowning: :open_mouth:

I don’t bother with frequency filtering - I just turn it up louder - but that’s mebbe what caused it in the first place :unamused: