How to change a tracks waveform colour to red?

:question: (Windows 10 Home 10.0.15063, Audacity 2.1.3 via the .exe installer)
I have several mono voice tracks in my project. Although I can name the tracks to identify each pupil speaking, I would also like to change the default colour of purple for each track so that they can be seen as individual colours for each pupil. For example track 1 in red, track 2 in green, track 3 in orange.
Would this be possible in this version of audacity?

No you can’t in 2.1.3 nor in the upcoming 2.2.0, sorry.

But it sis one of our most popular Feature Requests:

Would you like me to add your vote for this?


Windows 10.0.15063, Audacity 2.1.3
Please add my vote for this feature to be included.

I like this idea - it could look cool (as well as providing visual differentation).

If and when I get time I may work this up into a formal Proposal on the Audacity Wiki to give it more focus, in the meantime I’ll bookmark this thread as a reminder.


I realized that if I didn’t get on and do this now then it probably wouldn’t get done.

So here is the proposal:

The existence of the proposal is no guarantee of getting it done, so don’t hold your breath - but it does move a little further up the development food chain.


And I’ve just negotiated it a liitle bit further up the food chain by getting agreement to add it to our umbralla propposal “Low hanging Fruit”


Be careful what you wish for …
mock up of coloured waveforms via GIMP.png
mock up of coloured backgrounds via GIMP.png

Hi Trebor,

I didn’t say I’d personally be using this proposed feature - so not one of my “3-wishes” :wink:

But a lot of folk seem to want such-like, so I’m “batting for the team” here :sunglasses:

Do I have your permission to use your mockups in the Wik Proposal, please ?


Be my guest. I haven’t been consistent in the colouring-in though : the “orange” name-field is the only one coloured.