How to batch export multiple clips?

I have a bunch of CDs that were each recorded into singlular WAV files. I now want to break them up into individual songs. I am using the Audio Clips > Detach at Silences function to break the CD files into individual audio clips, but have not figured out how to export the clips other than doing each of them one-by-one. Can anyone tell me if multiple audio clips can be batch exported? When I try to do this using Export Multiple, I just get the entire file (not broken down into the individual clips). Thanks!

You either need ti use label (not Clips) for Export Multiple - or have each song on a separate track.

Please see: Splitting a recording into separate tracks - Audacity Manual

and: Export Multiple - Audacity Manual


Peter, thanks for your response! I am aware that using labels allows the batch export of multiple file segments. However, from what I can tell this method requires marking the song breaks manually (vs. the Detach at Silences function which will identify all the song breaks with a single click…).

Is there a way to label song breaks (i.e. silences) all at once rather than doing manually, one-by-one?


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