How to automatically chop or cut a track into short pieces

Is there a way to automatically chop or cut a music track into shorter pieces at silence spot as the cutting point ?

Use “Silence Finder” to add labels at the silent places:
Then “Export Multiple” based on labels:

When it comes to tag filling out it peskily asks to fill out the audio info
even if I just want to clear all tags on every one I have to do it one by one each.

How to automatically clear all tags on UI interactive save menu;

Should I enter all the data 41 times repeatedly for 41 exported files ?

How to automate it please ?

Try going to Edit > Preferences > Import Export and uncheck the box that says Show Metadata Tags editor before export

See this page in the Manual:


If there is common metadata that you want in all the exported files, you open the Metadata Editor (in Audacity 2.2.0 or later, it’s in the Edit menu. Earlier versions, in the File menu) and enter the data that you want (or clear it if you want none) before you start the export. Then, as waxcylinder wrote, change the preference setting so that it does not pop up during export.