How do you merge tracks?

Please excuse a newbie, but I can’t seem to get my project onto a single track. If I pause or stop on my initial track, when I start again it’s on a different track. Is there a command to stay on a single track? Thanks in advance, Gene

Before you stop, press pause P. Press P again to start up again.

After you stop, you can Append Record with Shift-R.


In the current version of Audacity use Transport > Append Record - or hold the Shift key and click the Record button or use the shortcut Shift+R

In the next release we are changing this so that just pressing Record wikk record on the same track - and the Shift+Record will record on a new track.

BTW the easy way to line all your tracks up if they are stacked up like that
a) Ctrl+A to select all
b) Tracks > Align Tracks > Align End to End

Then to make a single track
c) Tracks >Mix and Render