How do you convert your recordings to MP3's?

I swear I am having the most trouble in doing this. I’ve followed all the directions, downloaded the LAME file and all that, saved it as a MP3 type but it STILL won’t convert to MP3. PLEASE someone give me detailed step-by-step instructions on how to do this because it is really irritating me

We can’t see over your shoulder, so you need to tell us exactly where it fails and what it says on the screen when it does.

Starting with what you have now. What do you have now? What’s the show? Is the music in WAV format on the timeline right now and does it play perfectly?


ok, this is how i did it:

  1. i downloaded audacity 2.0
  2. went thru the tutorials, forums, etc. to find the correct LAME file and downloaded it
  3. i put it in the C:/Program Files (x86)/Audacity
  4. recorded my song and saved it under my documents
  5. went to file>export
  6. switched the “save type” to “MP3 Files”
  7. gave it a name and saved it under my documents

then it says, “you are about to save a MP3 file with the name name of song here. normally these files end in .mp3 and some programs will not open files with nonstandard extensions. are you sure you want to save the file under this name?”

  1. i click yes and the “edit metadata” box comes and i click ok
  2. then it says, “your tracks will be mixed down to two stereo channels in the exported file.”
  3. i click ok and it starts exporting the file

this is where im having trouble. i go back to try and open it and its just an audacity file. not mp3, not wav, not anything. under “type” it just says file. im lost now. do i have to save it in a different area or something?

I’m guessing that you have a dot (period) somewhere in your song name. If so remove it and try again.