How do I make my View preferences default?

I customize the View as I prefer in one open file. How do I make those View settings the default for every New file after that?

“Audacity Menu > Preferences > Tracks > Default view mode”

No, don’t see how to do it there. I’m talking about the various Toolbars. I want to make a default for every new file that displays my customized setting for the toolbars I want to see. Audacity 2.2.2 Mac.

Unless you actively reset your Audacity preferences (and tht’s not entirely straightforward to do - there is no command for that) Audacity should remember and restore you Toollbar settings between Audacity sessions.


I set the Toolbars that I want to see. Save the project, quit. Relaunch and the file opens with no toolbars, and New files are created with no toolbars.
I then use Reset Toolbars and New files have all toolbars displayed.
Sure, I can customize each window by removing toolbars everytime. But I would like to have a default that shows only the toolbars I want everytime I create a new file.

And that is just what Audacity is supposed to do - it manages the layout from the audacity.cfg file stored in your username > Library > Application Support > audacity

See this page in the Manual:

And that is how it behaves for me on Mac and on Windows - so I’m totally puzzled by your report :confused:


I did write a proposal for this a while back:

but so far no developer has picked this up … :frowning: