How do I increase the visual amplitude without changing the recording level?

I am recording extremely low volumes but cannot see the wave form for editing.
How do I make the vertical size of visual waveform larger?

Right-click the numerical scale to the left of the waveform and there are a couple of zoom options.

Looks as if I can only vertically zoom to 2x. It is still too small. I can expand the track to fill the screen and can work there but that is cumbersome if I have more than one track. Is 2x my limit?

If you enable “Advanced Vertical Zooming” you can zoom in a lot.

However, if your recording level is all that low, perhaps it would be better to increase your recording level.

Or you could try amplifying the resultant track after recording (though Steve’s suggestion is likely to have a better signal-to noise ratio) :nerd:


Interesting that the response here is to redefine the problem and that I have not already worked with changing the audio level. Is it impossible to increase the visual amplitude? If I hit the magnifying lens + I can increase the horizontal image of the waveform/timeline. I just want to do it vertically.

Steve has already told you how to do vertical zooming:

That works fine when I use it.


I can only zoom horizontally.
The “Advanced vertical zooming” option is checked.
Now what?

Place your cursor over the Vertical Scale (not the waveform) where you want to zoom in - cursor will change to a magnifing glass - then left click with the mouse.

Shift + Left=click will zoom out.

Or you can right click in the Vertical scale to access the context menu - useful command Zoom Reset


Ok, starting to get there. Any reason this is not a simple button option?
Maybe left-click on the Magnifying glass +

So you think this is tricksy …

just start playing with the 3 ways to get scrubbing :unamused:


Maybe not. I don’t know what scrubbing is, not sure I want to go there… (-:

on lots of other apps, video as well as audio, you can drag a cursor over audio or video at varying speeds to play the audio or video under the cursor.

For reasons in the distant past that I won’t go in to we have three ways of achieving similar all a bit tricksy to use, nothing like as simple as other apps. Personally I thus never use scrubbing, I rely on Steve’s Timeline Quickplay.