How do I hear a record playing/recording?

I have downloaded the newest version of Audacity onto Windows Vista. I am trying to play and/or download records using Audacity. I have connected the USB cable from the Pyle turntable to the computer. Audacity is set right according to all of the instructions in the turntable’s manual (and from what the Pyle customer service people tell me) yet there is no sound coming out of my computer speakers. I can play records from the turntable when it is connected to other speakers so I know it works.

You don’t have to hear anything to make a recording. Do you get blue waves and do the Audacity recording sound meters bounce?

(I don’t have an actual picture of the recording display. This is close.)



It’s probably because the sound is being sent back via the USB to your Pyle TT - which has no speakers. Switch your output device to be the computer’s on-board soundcard. See this page in the Manual:

See this FAQ:

And this set of Tutorials is likely to be a lot better then the Pyle stuff:

Especially this one:

And you might find this workflow useful: