How do I flip audio tracks in Audacity?

okay so if you see the attached file.
I have two seperate tracks, I want to to flip the highlighted audio so that the highlighted bits are on the oppisote tracks. How do I do this? I need to do it as precisely as possible.

  1. make selecton

  2. Edit > Clip Boundaries > Split New (this will place the selection by itself on a new track in the exact same time position)

  3. Click the trackname in the Track Control

  4. In the dropdown context menu select Swap Stereo channels

  5. You can then Mix and Render the two tracks
    5.1) Select both tracks
    5.2) Tracks > Mix > Mix and Render


  1. if you have no further edits to make just export and the tracks will be automatically mixed on export

If you do have further editing and don’t want to mix the two tracks you may witsh to Sync-Lock them - see: