How do I download the mp3 converter from LAME?

I just want to inform you about the fact that all your links to LAME homepage is currupt! On/in all your pages/manuals! So - where can I find the latest, functioning lame_enc.dll for mp3? Free download - binary file - not source code. I just bought my Cassette Capture to “save”/convert all old files to mp3 - but this is not possible because the lame_enc.dll is not included!! Licensce reasons! I’ve downloaded the latest audacity software from your homepage, thank you.

Works for me - just tested on the released Manual and the alpha Manual for the upcoming 2.1.2 release and both have a LAME entry on the front page, this link takes you to a page that has a link LAME download page - clicking on that link takes you to: (where LAME is hosted).

N.B. Do NOT be tempted to click on any of the big green buttons (tempting though thay may look) as you will end up with downloads that you don’t want - and possibly malware too.


And sadly you can’t blame us for the “license reasons” - Frauenhofer Institute owns the IPR (Intellectual Propert Rights) to MP3 compression and thus we are not legally allowed to bundle it in OpenSource software :sunglasses:

See this page in the Audacity Manual: Audacity Manual


Ok - the new link above - works - thank you - but in the downloaded manuals - it does not - but still it’s a license problem for you or your retailers - Audacity - to inform about.

Ok - I apologies! Sorry, sorry! Now everything is working just great - the the download page…! It must have been an “overload” some hours ago. I became so frustrated! I will come back to this forum if the continuation does not work! :slight_smile:

You have to understand, Lotta, that we are not a corporation, not a company - we are an OpenSource software project “staffed” entirely by volunteers gifting some of their spare time. Which also means that Audacity and all its updates are available entirely free. :slight_smile:

We certainly don’t have any retailers. You have bought a device to convert your tapes from a commercial manufacturer - many of those such manufacturers choose to bundle in a copy of Audacity as the software mechanism to effect the digitization process. We have no commercial connections with such companies, nor they with us.

You may find this set of tutorials from the Audacity Manual useful in your conversion process: Audacity Manual