How do I create a rewind tape effect?

Hi guys,
I need to create a rewind effect, as if you’re rewinding an old video or tape or something. I get that I have to reverse the audio and increase the speed, but with rewinds, the speed increases continually right? How do I do that? And do I have to add some sort of background sound too? I would greatly appreciate the help!

reverse the audi with Effect > Reverse - the play with the Effect > Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift
See this page in teh Manual:

Try leaving the Initial Tempo Change at zero and try increased vlaues for Final Tempo Change

And similar with the pitch shift (Initial chage 0 and up the final) as you would want the pitch to go up too.

You will need to experiment to get suitable values.

I just experimented with a 25 second clip and used 0 => 350 % and 0 => 6 semitones - quite effective :nerd:


You are my hero. Thanks so much!

Alternatively you can use a “Time Track” Audacity Manual

This was produced by reversing a section, then using a Time Track to change the speed:

Oh good old times.
That’s like a sentimental journey. I see myself sitting there and winding up a tape with a pencil…