How do i convert mp3 files to vinyl or transfer to vinyl?

How do i convert mp3 files to vinyl or transfer to vinyl?

Usually you don’t . There are companies that manufacture vinyl but they normally manufacture them in quantity and it has to be your own music for which you own the copyright.

And you normally wouldn’t give them an MP3… You’d normally supply a file that’s at-least CD quality.

Or you might be able to buy a record cutting machine. (This is not how records are normally produced and you probably won’t get the same quality doing it yourself.)

Thank you for your helpit would be my own mp3 files but i will look into a company thanks

If you just want your recording to sound like vinyl, there are free plugins which can do that in Audacity, e.g. Cymatics Origin.

[The latest version Izotope vinyl plugin is incompatible with Audacity 3.3.2 :frowning_face: ]

Izotope Vinyl works properly in Audacity’s free competitor OCENaudio.

iZoptope Vinyl works fine on both my W10 and my W11 laptop PCs


Maybe it’s a W8 thing. I tried installing the VST3 version of Izotope Vinyl in Audacity 3.3.2 and got one of those “incompatible” plugin messages.

Now I get it : Audacity 3.3.2 rejected an old VST2 version of izotope vinyl, the VST3 version was successfully installed .

old ivinyl rejected

Indeedy- I have VST2 and VST3 versions on my W10 PC - and like you I ger the older VST2 one rejected - and the VST3 one works fine.

IIRC when testing some earlier 3.x betas I was able to get both the VST3 and the VST2 one successfully loded and both could be used.


I did notice that TDR have vinyl-cutting simulator plugins …

They could be used as vinyl effect. (Overly complicated though).
[ The demo versions of the simulathe plugins are free].

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