How do I burn my recording to a CD

I know I am going to sound incredibly dumb, but after I have made a recording with my new audacity software, how do I burn it to a CD

You export a set of WAV files and use CD burning software to burn a music CD (NOT a data CD).



Again I can only apologise for my ignorance but I really am new to this, but how do know if I have software for burning the audacity onto a CD. Where would that software normally be kept on my computer which is a 2nd hand IBM T43 with all sorts of software on it.
Thanks again

Most PCs that come supplied with a CD reader/burner included in the hardware normally have CD burner software of some sort bundled in the the build. Or whoever had the PC before may have installed some and left it on the PC.

For example my desktop has RecordNow! - my laptop has Roxio - Plus I have a copy of Nero 9 (which IO purchased for DVD work - but also burns good CDs).

Have a look in Windows under Start > Programs and browse for something that looks suitable.

Failing all else you can even use iTunes to do this job - a bit of a sledgehanner to crack a walnut - but you can download it for free. And it makes a good PC jukebox even if it is somewhat over-bloated.


I do appreeciate your replies. I have looked in programmes as you suggest and see ‘real player’, would that be what I use?
thanks again

IIRC I think you need the Real Player SP Plus (which costs) to burn CDs - I don’t think the free download will do that.

Try Googling “CD Burner Software” you will get lots of sites soem offering free and some offering paid for. This site reviews a top-10 (all paid-for though).

If you do download free s/w just make very sure it is a site that you can “trust”.


Will do. Thanks very much for your help.

For a free CD burner for Windows I would recommend CDBurnerXP
I’ve used it on many Windows computers and it’s great. It is full featured, supports audio CD, data CD, DVD’s, TAO and much more, while still being simple to use.

Thanks Stevethefiddle. Unbelievable as it may seem I downloaded cdburnerxp soon after my last post.

And remember from above to choose Music CD if you’re given a bunch of burn options. The Music CD that will play tunes in your car is very different from a Data CD which acts like a flat shiny hard drive and will carry other kinds of files like Photoshop pictures and Excel spreadsheets.


as long as your comp has a cd drive and its not too old it can usually be used to write audio disks, you would need to burn a music cd as data cds are not read by most, if any, cd players. so here’s what you should do…
export as wav or mp3 from audacity.
open software capable of burning cds.(windows media player, itunes, etc.)
add songs you wish to burn onto a cd to the playlist or burn list, whichever applies.
put blank cd in disk tray and press start.
if you’re presented with a menu, make sure you’re not burning a data disk.
done and done.