How can I make a long voice over track all be around the same volume?

Hi there… I am a super amateur with Audacity and have recently been doing voice overs for work tutorials. The problem I am having is that sometimes I am speaking to quiet and other times really loud (to be heard over machinery / using a lapel mic). Anyway… noise reduction and noise gate and some other effects clean up the audio well, but I am stuck with a large dynamic range… if I raise the amplitude I get peaks being cut off and cracking… if I leave the top peaks of the loud parts in range the low volume things sound to low.

TL;DR : Is there a simple way to kind of “normalise” the audio of my voice over, but unlike the default Normalise… have it actually modify the amplitude of the sound to sorta “even it out” so it is all around the same volume level… so make loud parts quieter and quiet parts lounder… having some control would be cool as I do not want all voice inflection to go away.

Anyway… is there anything like this? Or a method you now to do this?

Audacity 3.1.3

Dynamic range compression …

LevelSpeech2 is a compressor-limiter combo plugin for Audcaity.

thank you.