How can I expand my level meter?

I want to see more dB increments. I read the manual, and I can drag the meter aroujnd, but I need to easily see more info. Thank you!

Good that you want to that - I have mine stretched across the whole window.

To make them bigger just click on the right end and drag rightwards (if they are docked if undocked there is a little triangle at bottom right that you can click and drag on.


Things will probably get even better for the next release - the developers are experimenting with splitting the meters - using the latest alpha nightly releases I now have my record meter occupying about 3/4 of the window width and the playback one just 1/4


Thank you! I learned how to restore my meters, now have dragged it down and expanded it across the window! Awesome, thank you! mark H.

Also if nothing further is changed, there will still be a combined playback and recording meter as an alternative to separate meters.