How can I create this effects?

I want to creat for example, this effect: When he says: I’ma tell you one time at 0: 14

Is this WahWah? If it is which numbers should I introduce?

And one more question.
I know that Autotune is not compatible with Audacity, and I dont want the t pain effect, but how can I make each note I sing to be on pitch. Do I need a plug in?

Thank you so much for your time, I really appreciate it!

Sounds like a telephone effect: a band-pass filter from 500Hz to 5000Hz, with a bit of reverb.
Before-After Example attached …

It does sound like autotune has been used on the video.
Noise reduction can add the processing artifacts which sound a bit like like autotune’s side effects…

Thanks for the answer! But… I dont really know how to do it, band pass filter from 500hz to 5000hz ?


Draw this graph on Audacity’s equalization effect …
500Hz-5000Hz bandpass equalization on Audacity.png
A true telephone effect is nearer 300Hz to 3000Hz bandpass, experiment with different values.
[I used 500Hz-5000Hz on the examples attached to my previous post.]

I kinda got it! But how can I make the graph bigger like you showed me in that image?

From the plug ins wiki page I downloaded a file named telephone.dll And I placed it in the plugins folder. But it is not displayed in the effects on Audacity. How can I make it work? And I copy and paste the VST enabler.dll on the plugin folder also but it doesnt show. I mean, the computer pastes it but it does not appear, so really its not pasted… sorry for so many problems :neutral_face:

Tick the box I have coloured yellow (see “Preferences” at bottom of “Edit” drop down menu) to show all your VST effects in the “effects” drop down menu
rescan VST effects in Audacity.png
If you tick the yellow box and click on “OK,” the next time Audacity is run all the VST effects in the plugins folder should then appear on the “effects” drop down menu and available for use.

The effects tab does not appear… ?

when I click on prefernces under Edit, many tabs appears on the top for eg: Audio I/O, Quality, File formats, Spectograms… etc
But there is nothing like you showed me on that image…
I have audacity 1.2

The problem is that I copy and paste the VST enabler.dll on the plug ins folder but its not there.

I downloaded the beta version and now I get it. haha Thanks!!