Help Recreating Voice Effect

Hey guys, Ive been working sound for a project, and I need to recreate a voice effect found in a game. I have absolutly no idea, how to create the voice, as Im not sure what part of the voice is post-effect, and how to do the post effect. I also need to figure out how I should tell the Voice Actors to read their lines. Could I get sone assistance recreating this voice (samples attached)? $10 tip to the one who helps me with a tutorial and satisfying recreation. :slight_smile:

Also, I have Audacity and Adobe Audition.

~Robert C

Not quite the same, but for producing similar effects have a look at this topic:

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Rough guess: reversed chorus effect with 5ms delay and LFO @ 2Hz

An oscillating pitch-shifted component is audible in “pleasantries” in sample #1.
The effect of the delay can be heard on the “d” of “surface dwellers” on sample #3.

There is also a bass boost in the 50 - 150Hz range.

How would you guys recomend the actors read their lines in order to make the most of the effect?


Menacing whisper close to the mic.

BTW There’s a lot of siblance in the examples, e.g. “dwellersss”, so don’t bother to de-ess if you want to replicate the examples,
maybe even boost sibilance …

Sorry for the slow response time between posts… XD

Out of curiosity, what program are you using Trebor?

Free stuff like Audacity: I used the free chorus effect here … How can one person sound as a complete choir? - #3 by Trebor (windows only)

So, hm. Sorry if im being slow, but could you give me a quick step-by-step on how you did the last clip and where the location of all the effects are?


The free chorus effect I linked to works with Audacity, (only on Windows), but any chorus effect will do using the approximate settings I gave above.

“Reversed chorus” means reverse the track, (i.e. backwards), then apply the chorus effect, then reverse the track again so it is back the right way round.

You can increase the sibilance, (hissy noises), by boosting the frequencies above 4KHz using Audacity’s graphic equalizer.

“Reverse” and “equailization” are in Audacity’s “Effect” menu. If you install the chorus effect in Audacity’s plug-ins folder it should appear on the effects menu too.

[Tick this box in Audacity’s preferences to make the chorus effect appear on the effects menu after you have installed it in the plug-ins folder ]