Hotkey for silence? [SOLVED]

Hey guys, i use the silence option much and yeah, i just cant find a hotkey for it. Create silence doesnt seems to be the same as the silence thing in the menu on the top, who i have to press all day long.

Someone know how i can use this silence-option with a hotkey? Its this option who delete the old stuff who was in the marked area and create silence there.

I hope you guys can understand me, my eng is not so good and yeah.

Thanks for help!


To silence a selected region, press Ctrl-l (Lima).

If you want however a shortcut for “Generate Silence” you will need to create that for yourself as there is no default setting for this in Audacity.

See this page in the Manual:

Tip: when you get the Preferences>Keyboard dialog displayed, type “silence” in the search box at top right in the dialog box. Then select the “Silence” entry under “Generate”. and follow the instructions on the Manual page I linked to above.

The hardest part is finding a key or key combination that is not used already by Audacity. Personally I have four custom k/b shortcuts and I use ALT plus the Up/Down/Left/Right keys.


Do you mean that you “silence existing audio” (Ctrl+L), or that you “Insert” / “generate” silence (as with “Generate menu > Silence”)?

A shortcut to “Generate > Silence” can be added (see the post by waxcylinder), or, once you have some silence, you can copy and paste it. “Ctrl+C” to copy, “Ctrl+V” to paste.

Thanks! :slight_smile:)) Helped a lot! Made my day - yippie, finally i got a combination for it!