Hotel Room ("Old Town Road" Parody [Pimp's Version])

I’m a Comedy/Parody Artist and I made this Parody of ( ) “Old Town Road (Remix)” by Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus using Audacity! ^_6

[Hotel Room ("Old Town Road" Parody [Pimp's Version])](

I’ve removed the hot link to the non-original YouTube video as it may be infringing copyright.

Perhaps you could share some tips about recording with Audacity.

Sorry about that, I thought I should include a link to the original song since my song is a parody, I didn’t think that’d be a copyright issue :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you though! ^_6

Ummmm, I’m not sure what tips I can give really, always save and keep your stems, like Harmonix Music Systems always says, “Song Stems are the most valuable thing any musician can have” :wink: I think you can just mute the other tracks and export the unmuted track to make each stem, I’m not sure, I just save my project, delete the other instruments and export and then load the saved project again to do the same thing for the next instrument :wink: By keeping your song stems, you can go back and remaster the song later on, you can make remixes of your song, and you can even use your song as a Custom Track in Rock Band or Amplitude (Or get it officially in Rock Band by reQuesting it HERE and getting contacted by Harmonix about making a deal for it :wink: ^_6), there are many many reasons to always keep your Song Stems, they are VERY useful :wink: Also, that “Normalize” effect comes in real handy, I use that on everything I record! :wink: ^_6

You can indeed do that - muted tracks are not exported - what you hear is what you get


another way to do this:

  1. select all the tracks you don’t want in the export
  2. delete them
  3. make the export
  4. use Undo - this will undo the track(s) deletion not the export


Oh koo, thanx I didn’t know that :stuck_out_tongue: ^_6