High speed dubbing from cassette?

Has anyone ever tried to use an old cassette deck and record to PC with the high-speed dubbing feature? I need to convert about 15 tapes and the task is daunting.
I thought I’d borrow a deck that has this high-speed feature to make it quicker and see if I could get it to work.
I’m just not sure what I’d set in Audacity for it to know it’s not at normal speed? Any thoughts or comments?

Yes it can be done - you can use Audacity’s “Change Speed” effect later to get it back to the right speed. There is a strong possibility of losing high-frequency fidelity this way.

Personally I would just do it in real-time - 15 tapes is not a lot. The other advantage is that you can listen while you are transcribing and make notes on a crib-sheet of timing positions where edits may need to be applied later.


Thanks WC. They are just lecture tapes so they don’t need to be high quality at all. I’ll test the high-speed and normal speed and see what works for me.
Thanks again!

I have around 2000 (Two Thousands) tape cassette, I want to make them into mp3 or any digital form to listen from pc.

Please give me your valuable suggestion or any machine which can convert these tapes to mp3 in a high speed.

Are they high quality recordings of music? If so you may lose high frequencies unless you record at a high sample rate. And if you record at a high sample rate the computer may not be able to keep up and this may cause dropouts in the recording.

Have you considered using a search engine: http://is.gd/Rto6lY ?