Hercules DJ Console USB recording volume setting

I have a Hercules DJ Console sound card with my computer, and I use it to record my vinyl into MP3 files. I use the same device to play my records, CD and vinyl frmo MP3 files. When recording, the output volyme (over USB) is fixed from the card, this is by design, confirmed by Hercules support. And Windows Control Panel (the Volyme control) does not provide with any recording volume controls for the card. I use it since it has a phono input with a RIIA circuit, and much better AD and DA converters then my laptop with an built-in sound device.

My problem is that when I use Audacity I can not change the recording volume with the Input Volume slider, it makes no change. The sound card gives me a recording volume of about -12 Db and I suspect I don’t get full resolution when using a smaller part of the volume span. I can Normalize the recording to get a full volume span, but that is an extra step I rather had avoided and it does not enhance resolution.

Does anyone have a suggestion how to get this USB-device to provide a full volume to my recordings?

I have the same problem when recording from a streamed source (pod radio etc). I can only set recording volume by adjusting the play back volume of the audio stream player.

I really like this program, even though I use only a small fraction of all functions, and I thank all for bringing it to mankind.


I susoect that you may have a problem without some additonal circuitry.

The basic problem is that with USB devices Audacity seems to take its cue on signal level entirely from the USB device that is connected - the mic slider becomes inoperable as you have found out. This hpappenes with both my USB devices, I started out with an ION TTTUSB - and now use a Technics deck/amp connected through a USB soundcard (Edirol UA-1EX). Unlike your device the Edirol has a gain control to vary the output signal level. - and this is what I use to control the level in Audacity as I record.

I’m afraid I’m not experienced anough to tell you what to buy or build - perhaps some of the sound engineers that frequent these boards can chip in here - and offer detailed some technical advice …


Hi, this sounds like a possible problem with the firmware version of the dj console. Certain models in the range have similar problems but there is an update. What is the serial number of the hercules dj console so i can check if it is one of the affected models?

Hi and thanks for replying. Since I have sold the device, I do not have this problem any more. I use an external Creative Sound Blaster USB device with an stereo receiver to record vinyl records, and that combination serves well to my needs. Therefore, please close this issue.