I updated my Audacity to 2.0 and now I can’t record, whats gone wrong and can I get the old version back?

Yes you can get the old version back, but I doubt that will help with the problem. It is far more likely that the problem is that something has changed with your computer sound system or sound system settings.
Are you still using the same computer with the same sound card and the same operating system?
What are you trying to record (and how)?

I am trying to record a tape plugged directly into a usb port. I have the same computer, everything is the same except that it won’t record

I presume that you mean that you have some sort of USB cassette player plugged into the computer USB port?
Set the Recording (Input) device in the Audacity Device Toolbar to the USB option.
Ensure that the USB device is connected before you open Audacity.

Set the Recording (Input) device in the Audacity Device Toolbar to the USB option. I can’t find USB option. I think I need some clever person to come and assist me because I am totally lost. I wish I hadn’t updated the old Audacity, I knew how to record with that.

Was the USB device connected and recognised by Windows before you opened Audacity?
Which version of Windows are you using?

Was the USB device connected and recognised by Windows before you opened Audacity? yes it was
I’m on the same programme as before. The only thing that has changed is Audacity, why oh why did I update, I had been told never to update as things can go wrong, thats proved to be the case here.

Well would you believe it I found the disc with the original Audacity on, downloaded it and everything is working again and you said it wouldn’t make any difference!!!

I said that I doubted that will help with the problem.

I still doubt that downgrading to an obsolete version of Audacity has actually “cured” anything as Audacity 2.0 is known to work with USB devices on Windows. It remains a more likely possibility that you did not have Audacity 2.0 set up correctly but as you didn’t say which version of Windows you were using we did not get that far in the diagnosis. However, if you are happy with your current set-up and the old version of Audacity then it is probably easiest to stick with what you have and what you know.

Sorry, I have Windows Vista, more than that I don’t know. As for setting it up I thought in my ignorance that all I had to do was download it and it would work, I’m not into technical details and although you provide a help section by the time I’ve read it I’ve forgotten how it started. I’m fast approaching 70 and the old memory is not as good anymore!!
But your right sticking to what I know is probably best. One thing I would like to know is as I record the programme is saying you only have so many minutes recording space left. How can I increase this if in fact its possible?

Audacity is calculating this from the free space currently available on your disk

So you need to free up some space on your hard drive: delete files that you are sure are no longer of any use to you, backup to another external disk any files that you only need occasionally or for archive - Then defrag the disk to tidy up the free space.

Or upgrade the disk in the computer, or add a second hard drive in the computer if space and slots allow.


To clarify: External USB hard drives are not recommended for directly recording onto because they are likely to have trouble keeping up with the constant stream of data, but they can be an inexpensive and very useful solution for adding data storage (for example for back-ups, photographs and other documents) without the need to open up the computer case.