Help with recording radio

Recently, I’ve been searching for a free program that can record online radio. I chose audacity because many websites recommended it , and it’s the only free audio recording software out there thats clean of malware and adware. So I downloaded it ,and found a youtube video that showed how to set it up. Well, there was 2 problems with this…first off the video used v1.2 of the software, and secondly when I used v1.2 the mixer box was grey.Could someone explain to me how to use the latest ver. 2.0 of audacity to record radio or give me a link to a up-to-date turtorial?

My Second problem is that when I look through my sound devices I cant find the “mono mix”(the name of the device according to the wiki). All that pops up when I click on show all devices is NVIDA HDMI output (unplugged) for playback and Internal AUX jack(unplugged) in input.
I can post some pictures if it would help people better understand my problem. Thx

Some computers are openly hostile to recording streaming audio. Assuming you’re on Windows.

Oh, and it’s “Stereo-Mix.” Mono Mix is an Audacity track tool. Somehow you have to get a “device” which is watching all the computer audio at once, and record that.


I think the Audacity documentation mostly refers to “Stereo Mix”. This is the first choice, if your computer has it. It may be hidden.
See here for how to “un-hide” it if it is hidden, and some workarounds if your computer does not have it:

For YouTube, a better way than recording is to use Firefox as your web browser and install one of the “YouTube Downloader” add-ons so that you can download the video rather than record it. Audacity is able to extract the audio from MP4 and FLV files if you also have FFmpeg installed

Read the wiki and cant find a way to “unhide” Stereo Mix… Is there a way to figure out the name of my sound card? Cant find it by looking at the plugged & unplugged devices, and I cant find it in controll panel. The laptop came with nvida graphics…could that also double as the sound card?

This screen should tell you what your sound card is:

I’m assuming that you are using some version of Windows, though I don’t think that you’ve actually said.

Read the wiki and cant find a way to “unhide” Stereo Mix.

In case we weren’t clear, not all computers have Stereo Mix or an equivalent. Self Recording is not a guaranteed service like lighting up your screen or playing music into speakers.

I think for Windows (we’re guessing here) Total Recorder will record from the sound card, and there may be others.


Although I make a great deal of use of Audacity, for example for transcribing from LPs, when I want to record internet radio (on a Windows 7 machine) I use NCH SoundTap, which costs a small amount of money. It installs a special driver which taps the incoming data before Windows has had a chance to mangle it. Highly recommended.

My wife’s newish W7 laptop couldn’t be “persuaded” to record straeming audio with Audacity - so following a steer from Koz she bought TotalRecorder (see ) - she uses TR for capture and Audacity for subsequent editing.

Curiously my recent Tosh laptop purchase (running W7) records streaming audio sweetly - luck of the draw I guess :confused: