Help with Latency MacBook Pro M1


I’m having an issue when trying to record using audacity on my MacBook Pro M1 using blue yeti mic. When I try to monitor audio it has a delay. When I record on another app it doesn’t have latency.

Are you saying you get latency when plugged into the headphone output of the mic?
– Bill

Yes. It has latency, I have been using audacity and the mic for almost a year with no issues.

I have no experience with the Yeti mics. I don’t know why it would suddenly have latency. Have you tried technical support at Blue?
– Bill

When using the same mic on other software it works just fine. So I think it might be audacity.

I bet I can make that happen.

I believe the Yeti will naturally mix your live voice with the sound from Audacity and send the mix to your Yeti headphone connection. This is the configuration for overdubbing and sound-on-sound performances.

If you have Audacity > Preferences > Recording > [X] Playthrough checked, Audacity will send the live performance sound back to the Yeti “one computer late.”

Further, I believe the description of the problem isn’t quite right. It’s not that the headphone sound has a delay. It’s that there are two sounds, one delayed and one not.

De-select Playthrough.


Thanks for the response. I unchecked the Playthrough but now I don’t hear myself while monitoring. See some screenshots with my settings. Maybe there’s something not setup properly.

On page 3 and page 5 of the Yeti instruction manual, they clearly state the ability to monitor live performances with no latency delay. The manual is too large to post on the forum.

There is another possibility. Does the Yeti come with software? I don’t own a Yeti. It’s possible an associated blue/yeti software package has the ability to adjust or turn off real time monitoring.

They do mention that when using conferencing, Skype, Zoom, or Meetings you might not want to hear yourself and some configurations might not work well.


Hey there,

I recently started experiencing this issue as well. I recently bought a new M1 Macbook Pro and also downloaded the newest version of Audacity (3.2.3). I’ve never had any issue with live monitoring directly when plugged into my Blue Yeti microphone. When I would press record on Audacity, the live monitoring would cut out even though I was plugged into the microphone.

I tried the passthrough work-around but was getting latency. The only solution was to downgrade to 3.1.3. I tried all the versions between 3.1.3 and 3.2.3 but was still getting the issue. As the OP mentioned, I wasn’t getting this issue on Garageband or anywhere else so not sure what might be happening there.

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