Help! Importing files to one playback

Very new user. I have a Data File folder that includes a recorded interview of my WWII Dad that my son did. Nothing I do gets me the playback. I am clueless as to what to do, and i have looked around. The properties of the file is .au from no doubt a previous version of Audacity. When I go into file manager, they look like a bazillion individual files. I have gotten some to play, but what I need to is to compile into the full interview…
Being D-Day 75th Anniversary, I’d like to share this with my son and his children of their Grandpa.

I tried to attach the folder, but it comes out as a bazzilion 1mb files.

Your help will be much appreciated. (1.01 MB) (1.01 MB) (1020 KB) (1020 KB)

Open the AUP project file. That will bring-in and join all of those little files.

When you’re done, instead of (or in addition to) “saving” the project, File → 'Export" to make an MP3 or WAV file, etc.

Depending on what you’re doing you may not need a “project” at all. I rarely make a project. And, assuming this is a new irreplaceable recording that you just made, it’s a good idea to export to WAV immediately after recording (before any editing), and you might want to make a back-up immediately too. (WAV files are a lot more “foolproof” than project files/folders, simply because it’s a single self-contained file.)

Ok, to be clear:
This file was recorded on a walkman, 27 years ago. 1992
I used audacity to capture it to a digital format, years ago on another pc, approx 2009
I took that file folder off that pc and put it on a thumb drive. 2016
I remembered about it, with all the D-Day memorials going on and found the file. 2019
I installed audacity on my current laptop. 2019
I don’t know how to get the data files which first looks like (e00) and then when that is opened there are 3 separate folders d00, d01, d02, and when each one is opened, they appear to be broken into 1mb .au files. named like this: e00000b1but no file association shows in the directory, but in properties it says it is .au file.

I hope this clarifies. I really appreciate any help you can give me to get this compiled and rightly associated with audacity.

Further: I got my file manager to show file extension detail and all the files are .au. I cannot find a .aup
Perhaps my method of snagging the file off the other pc was wrong. Need a method for correcting that?

An Audacity project is made up of two parts

  1. A folder with subfolders containing all the little .au files
  2. an .aup file which has the same name as the folder - this file is the “project manager” that tells Audacity how to string all those little .au files together.

IF all you did was record that audio and then closed the project without any editing THEN you may be able to use the manual recovery process to thred them all together again - but that’s a long shot.

See this page in the Audacity Wiki:

I sincerely hope that you still have the tape ffrom the Walkman.

And a tip for the future: immediately after making an important recording in Audacity - export a WAV file of it as a safety copy.

Good luck,