[Help] Creating whoosh effect - SOLVED

I’m trying to use Audacity to create a whoosh effect.
I couldn’t find any tutorials specific to audacity, so I’ve been trying to follow this tutorial while hopefully finding the equivalent effects in audacity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHm2m-SWEbw

However, I got stuck on the first part, of the reverb. I recorded a drum kit from my keyboard: YamahaPSR E363 (It’s a basic one, but hopefully it’s enough), tried to play with reverb with different settings and presets, but it never sounds even close to what the guy on the tutorial got!

Am I missing something?

This is the sound I recorded from my keyboard:

If the problem is with that sound specific - can anyone tell me what would make a good sound, so I’ll know what I’m looking for

Last time we got a request like this, it turned out to be far easier and faster to find a sound you like on-line and use that. There are royalty-free services. By the time you build a specific sound up from individual parts, you’ll be in a walker and ready to retire to a nice home somewhere.


For example.


Thanks but I actually already tried that site, tried whoosh and transitions, and I only found one sound I liked and I need few more.

Besides, I like learning new stuff; and looking at the tutorial I linked it didn’t look that difficult; or is it a lot different in Audacity?

This is a forum, “Users Helping Each Other.” If none of the regular helper elves has any idea, we can wait for someone to post that has solutions.


His examples are in stereo, but his tutorial only shows mono.
There are stereo whooshes on Freesound … Freesound - Search

IMO the sound you’ve selected is too bassy for good whoosh effect …

Trebor - thanks!

I used a mono now and tried less bass drum and it sounds better!

I also found out the reason the reverb effect didn’t work for me is because I needed to have an empty “space” after my sound; initially I recorded the sound and cut off empty areas. A noob mistake I guess ^^

Yours still sounds better though, so if you have any tips on effects that could make the whoosh sound better please say so ^^

Make one from scratch: Generate a few seconds of white noise, then apply a wah-wah filter …

Trebor - Awesome, sounds great! Thanks for all the help!

p.s. Is there a way to edit the post title? I want to edit it and add [Solved] to it

Yes, you can click on the Pencil icon - but I already did this for you.