Audacity gives so many problems, I feel like just buying software at this point to avoid all of these issues! If it’s not crashing on me, it’s something else!

Today I was recording my audiobook, stopping the recording on every page to review the next page before I record it. But when I hit the record button again to record the next page, the recording line went from the end of the recording where I left off, to record over the beginning of my previous recording in the beginning of the project.

When I realized that it was overwriting my previous recorded page, I hit undo and recorded over. Well it did this a few times, and when I hit undo, I actually undid a page that I recorded. I went to undo history to get it back, but it’s not showing there. Where do ALL of your undos get stored while your recording? Is there a way to get them back?

Also, can you get it back after you’ve hit undo and then saved the project? What about if I close this project, will I be able to recover the undos that are not showing in history? Thank you in advance!

So you can REDO and UNDO, but not after you make a new change.



Hello Jademan, thank you for your response. I actually still have the project open. I looked in my undo and redo history, and the page i recorded is not there. Question: I used to record onto my c drive, but now, due to not wanting to slow my computer down, I record directly to my external drive. The first book that I recorded had a folder where ALL the recordings from the project would go, the folders were named E08 in data folders in my documents, but now that I’m recording on my external drive, I don’t see those folders or the project audio files. How else can I retrieve ALL of my undos? Again, my project is still open. Thanks.

Are you saying that those undos are gone since I recorded new audio after the undo, even though my project is still open? There’s absolutely nothing else that I can do? I can re-record, but it just came out so good the first time, I really dont want to redo it.

Personally, I never use UNDO history. If it is not available via Edit > Redo (Ctrl+Y), it does not exist for me. Perhaps someone else can shed some light. See also: History - Undo and Redo - Audacity Manual

So those folders are gone with the unity project introduced in Audacity 3.0.0. Everything is now in one .aup3 project file.

While it has been done, very few people have been successful at restoring data from 2.4.2 projects and prior. (For these older projects you could look here: Recovering crashes manually - Audacity Wiki)

I don’t know of anyone who has attempted this with .aup3 projects. However if you wish to delve in the world of the unknown, you could try out one of the “extract” options in the project recovery tools here: GitHub - audacity/audacity-project-tools. Work on a copy of the .aup3 files. And don’t close the project first.

Top Tip for the future
Personally, if I had a good take of a recording. the first thing I would do would be to export a (backup) WAV file of it before I attempted any editing


Thank you so much Jademan, you’ve been so helpful! I will try every one of those suggestions when I get home tonight. Have a wonderful day!

I have definitely learned my lesson waxcylinder. Some lessons are expensive. Lol. The take was SOOOOO good, that’s why I tried so hard to retrieve it. But, I have read all of the helpful documentation that Jademan has shared with me, and have come to the conclusion that there is no way for me to retrieve the audio, which was actually 3 pages, not one as I originally said. :disappointed_relieved:
But this will never happen again. I was already making backups of every project due to crashes in the past. But this time, I will definitely zoom all the way out so that I can see the entire project as I record, to make sure nothing is accidentally deleted. The bottom line, once you undo and record something after the undo, that undo is then removed from the undo history, that’s why I couldn’t see it. I’ll just have to record those pages over. I’m still upset, just not as much as last night. Last night I didn’t even want to look at my computer! Lol
Thank you both for your willingness to assist me! Enjoy your night!

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