having trouble opening .aup files

hello. i’m new to this program. i recently recorded a bunch of material and saved it as .aup files. now when i try to open them i have a ton of small .aup files, they wont open as a whole/wont combine. it is fairly frustrating since i feel like this should be just a click of a button. any help would be appreciated.

This page from the Manual should explain things for you: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/audacity_projects.html


i followed the directions on that page and i still cant seem to get the files to open as a whole. for one, when i go to recent files there is nothing in the drop tab except really old projects i worked on, but there is no mention of the new songs that were just recorded. and when i try to open the files through the import tab and go through the warning about import methods the files will load all as separate tracks rather than one long track.

No you don’t, you have small AU files in a _data folder named the same as the AUP file.

There will only be an entry in Recent Files if you saved a project or exported an audio file and then imported that file.

File > Open… the AUP file, not File > Import > Audio… the AU files in the _data folder.

The AUP file will be in the same folder that the _data folder is in, assuming you did not move the AUP file or the _data folder. If you move the project you must move the AUP file and the _data folder both to the same place, not move either the AUP file or the _data folder.

What you can do is File > Import > Audio as before, but don’t open the AU files that you see. Instead press the “Up One Level” arrow three times (the arrow is at the top of the window to right of the “Look in”: box). Then you will be at the folder the AUP file is in. Type the name of the AUP file in “File name” at the bottom then you will be able to select that AUP file.

That only works if you did not move the AUP file and _data folder into separate folders. If you did that, you will have to search your computer for the AUP file and put it back into the same folder that contains the _data folder for the project. For example, “song.AUP” goes in the same folder as the “song_data” folder.

Do not put the AUP file in the _data folder itself.


thank you very much

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