Has Audacity 1.3 Beta been superseded by Audacity 2.0?

The Audacity 1.3 Beta page says that it has been superseded by Audacity 2.0, but it has downloads and updates for 1.3 Beta still available. Elsewhere it has been recommended that 1.3 users update to the latest version. Does this mean that 1.3 Beta should not be used anymore or is there any reason to keep it installed if you have 2.0.2?


There are a few odd experimental features thhat made it into earlier 1.3.x Betas, so some folk keep for those - but by and large you should be perfectly ok with 2.0.2 and discarding 1.3. 2.0.0 was basically a very late 1.3 Beta with a few bug fixes added.


2.0.2 is the current version and is (probably) the best yet.