Guide For Plugins 2.3.2 [SOLVED]

Is there a definitive guide as to which plug-ins work with the latest version of Mojave and Audacity 2.3.2? I am looking for a Multi-Band Compressor. I find one I like, but then find that it doesn’t work audacity.

Is there a guide to understanding how to use Apple’s Multi-Band Compressor? I have watched a lot of YouTube videos and come to the conclusion that it is an “edit by ear” plug-in and most people have no clue as to how it works.



most people have no clue as to how it works.

Right. That usually works out to two engineers talking to each other and only occasionally using English. Regular compressors are a little magic and by the time you get to multi-band where most people have no good grip on high and low frequencies, it’s black magic.

And that brings us to…

I am looking for a Multi-Band Compressor.



I sailed right over that.

Apple’s Multi-Band Compressor

You mean this one.

Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 16.56.07.png
Isn’t there something buried in Apple documentation? I’ve never used one of their Apple branded filters.


Some of Apple’s AU plugins are known to register in Audacity but not work.

There is a bug report fir this:
That bug report is based on testing we did last year.

Also documented in the Audacity Manual:

I will try to find some time to test AUMultibandCompressor later

I suspect that this is an Apple issue rather than an Audacity one - and thus one we can do nothing about.


No , sorry.

Simply because there are thousands of plugins available abd we can’t test them all - we would also need to retest for every new Audacity release, so no way sorry …


AUMultibandCompresso works fine for me on my Macbook Pro under macOS 10.14.6 latest Mojave - with both the released Audacity 2/3/2 and the the alpha test build I have for the upcoming 2.3.3


In the months that I posted this, I have come to the conclusion that audacity’s compressor does a fine job. Also, I have since upgraded my equipment that uses built-in compression. So, problem solved.

Sorry for the delay in responding to this. I had forgotten I had posted it and wasn’t logged into the forum to see that I had a notification


Thanks for the update. I’ll close this topic now.