Gsnap Not Working

So I recently downloaded audacity 2.1.0 because I wanted to make my own songs, so then a installed Gsnap x32 (Even though my computer is x64). I got the folder, then copied the Gsnap.dll into my audacity plugins folder, I then restarted audacity but it didn’t show up under the effects tab. I tried this numerous times but it still didn’t work, I looked at some videos and they said there was a button at the top of the drop down boz under the effects to select which plugins are enabled but it wasn’t there for me, the top option is repeat last effect. Here is the place I downloaded Gsnap from , please help me fix this, I already wasted 2 hours trying to figure this out.

Tht’s because that is not in 2.1.0 - it is in the latest version 2.1.2 - which I recommend you download from here: Audacity ® | Download for Windows

This page in the Manual relates to that functionality: Plugin Manager - Add / Remove Effects, Generators and Analyzers - Audacity Manual