Griffin iMic

Sorry if posted elswhere already.
My iMic has finally given up the ghost, I was hoping fellow Audacity users could point me in the direction of an inexpensive alternative (UK only). I would have purchased another iMic but they have chosen to discontinue manufacture.
yours hopefully

Some of the Forum Elves use this and are happy with it


What do you want to plug into the audio device?
The UCA-202 that waxcylinder posted is suitable for “line level” signals, such as CD players, keyboards, mixing desks…, but is NOT suitable for microphones or record players (unless the record player has a built-in phono pre-amp).

despite the “Mic” in its name the Griffin iMic was marketed as a device to aid digitizing records and tapes - so I assumed that what what the poster here was requiring. :wink:

Griffin discontinued it long ago (as they admit themselves there are much better devices on the market).

Koz was so displease with his, that he threw it in the garbage (or the back of his garage) - and he did say “threw”. :laughing:


Thanks for the speedy response.
I’ve gone with the UCA202 (arriving tomorrow from Amazon). Did a little digging elsewhere & seems to be getting good reviews.
Personally I had no issues with the iMic over the 10+ years I used it, it did what I required from it.
Hopefully I’ll get the same usage from the UCA202.
Thanks Again
BTW, Audacity has been a godsend over the years I’ve used it!!