good midi files for songs like New Gold Dream

hi, sorry if this is the wrong place to ask,

I am new to music and trying to mix my own song for my wedding.

I am trying to find midi songs for New Gold Dream and On Meloncholly Hill to mix them up to make my own.

Can Audacity help me with this, do you have any tips aswell ?


Why MIDI - why not buy the CDs and rip the tracks, or if there are no CDs, look on YouTube and record or download the audio?


no its not the audio I need, its the parts that make up the song that I need.

I want to use some of its elements, like the drum beats, to use in a song that I want to make.

Popular MIDI files are usually pretty easy to find with a simple Google search. If the songs that you want do not come up quickly then you will be really struggling to get them anywhere as there’s relatively few people still producing MIDI versions of songs.
One of the big problems with trying to find MIDI files, is that the quality of MIDI programming is very variable. A lot of public domain MIDI files are very poor.

An alternative approach would be to see if you can find the sheet music, then copy the parts into a MIDI sequencer. A few sequencer programs even have OCR for sheet music (for example “Sibelius”).

I know the midi files are terrible. I dont know what to do. Yes thankyou for telling me to get the sheet music, I will try that tomorrow.

Its a pitty I need the drum beat from New Gold Dream, the key for the lead vocals from another song, and lots of other little bits from other songs.

(you would think with today’s technology some sort of software could take apart songs)

Some posters on the forum have likened it to taking the chocolate out of a chocolate cake or the milk out of a cup of tea/coffee.

Once the tracks have been mixed down ito a stero pair it can be next to impossible and would still be even with the biggest super-computer in the world. The grownups in the recording studio do it by employing multi-track recording - one track per voice and per instrument and later mix it down for production use. It’s only if you have access to those master recordings that you can un-pick the mix.

Update: sometimes it is possible to buy ready-made studio-produced karaoke versions of songs with the vocals missing. It could be worth a little web surfing to see if you can find what you need …


looks like somebody’s already done most of the work for you:

New Gold Dream
see this YouTube vid for example:

On Melancholy Hill
YT has this instrumental vn:
and this Karaoke vn:

And if you next question is going to be “so how do I record the audio that is playing on my computer” then see this Wiki article: