getting organised about new Nyquist plug-ins

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I can certainly do that, though I don’t think it will produce what they expect.
I was thinking today along the very same lines. It’s on my ToDo list :slight_smile:

Cool :slight_smile: In the shorter term I can use my own web site.

There’s a big backlog of stuff floating around - I’ll be happy to help out where I can, though as you are well aware, time constraints are ever pressing.

Hmm, maybe I should delete that - it was just another April Fool (“anechoic chamber reverb” :confused: )

Re. the “Text Entry Envelope” - I’ll start a new thread for that.

Hmmmm - I didn’t realize that it was an AF :blush: - and in my housekeeping elf-task on the FR pages I just moved it to Audio Processing - do you want me to remove it Steve?


You would have realised if you used it :smiley:

Somewhat obfuscated, but here’s the main bit of code:

(defun msg1 ()
(string(code-char 97))
(string(code-char 112))
(string(code-char 114))
(string(code-char 105))
(string(code-char 108))
(string(code-char 32))
(string(code-char 102))
(string(code-char 111))
(string(code-char 111))
(string(code-char 108))
(string(code-char 33))))

(defun msg2 ()
(string(code-char 32))
(string(code-char 32))
(string(code-char 32))
(string(code-char 32))
(string(code-char 58))
(string(code-char 45))
(string(code-char 41))
(format NIL "~a~%~%~a" (msg1) (msg2))

Copy and paste into the “Nyquist Prompt” effect to see what it does.

(I’ve deleted the post)

Anechoic…reverb… OK, we were had. :smiley:

So is the workflow that a new plug-in will start life in “Adding Features to Audacity” then it goes to “Audio Processing” when ready for end-use, or just after a set time period? And we never use “General Audio Programming” for Nyquist Plug-ins? I still find this a bit confusing. I don’t think the Forum descriptions are very clear, but I’d have thought “General Audio Programming” would be the place for “ready” plug-ins, and “Audio Processing” was for handling user enquiries about “how to use effects” or “which is the best combination of effects to do this”?

We have a good workflow for moving feature requests to “Pending Feature Requests” on the Wiki (thanks, Peter); but I’d like to see an equally good workflow for Nyquist plug-ins. I’d be happy to do the moving to Download Nyquist Plug-ins if there was a clear single place on the Forum to grab them from. It would be better too if we could upload files direct to that Wiki page, but that’s something I have to re-clarify with Buanzo.

Just to clarify about “longer term” adding to the Wiki of explanatory pages about effects - for me this means it’s OK once the plug-in is in an Audacity release, or agreed to be. Otherwise, lengthy illustrated text that wouldn’t fit in the bundled help should preferably be on the author’s site, linked to on the “Download Nyquist Plug-ins” page.


I think a “Nyquist” or “Developing Audacity Plug-ins” board in the “Programming and Development” section would be useful.

Regarding “Work flow”
Initial ideas could start anywhere on the forum, but if the ideas became discussions about Nyquist code or were developing plug-ins they could be moved to the new board.
I’m not sure about any form of “formal approval” before transfering plug-ins to the “Download Nyquist Plug-ins” on the wiki, but clearly they would need to shown to work before going to the wiki.

I’ve gone for “Developing Audacity Plug-ins” even though most will be Nyquist.

OK. The wording I’ve got up at the moment implies that a general discussion about Nyquist code that wasn’t really focused on a specific effect would still go in “General Audio Programming”. If you think we need a forum that keeps all Nyquist discussions together, then I think we should better make the new forum “Nyquist” and broaden its scope. Does anyone come here wanting to develop LADSPA plug-ins?

You’re the resident Nyquist genius so I’d tend to be guided by your comments, my feelings about usability and whether the author seems to be interested in developing the plug-in further. I guess either of us could include “ready” or similar in the subject of the thread to indicate it could be moved to “Download Nyquist Plug-ins”.


I don’t recall ever seeing any posts regarding developing LADSPA plug-ins, so perhaps making the new forum “Nyquist” and broadening its scope would be a good idea.

BTW, the new forum displays an announcement in French “Migration du forum sur un nouveau serveur”.

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