Getting my Voice in Videos for YouTube loud enough

Hey guys,

i am running a YouTube channel about Board Games ( and I am always having trouble with my audio.
My main concern is getting it loud enough!
I have tried a lot of things, but the audio seems to be always more quite than in other videos.
Half a year ago I found the LUFS 2 Plugin for Final Cut Pro which made it pretty easy to get the videos to the correct volume.
You just to need to adjust it to -14 LUFS and everything worked perfect.
The problem is, the plugin crashes all the time, making it not very fun to work with.
I contacted the developer, but he as no idea why this is so.
I got a nem M1 MacBook on Monday and the first I did was trying a fresh and clean installation Final Cut Pro X with the PlugIn but It crashed the first time I used it.

So I looked to get a workaround making my audio better just with audacity.
I covered a lot of YouTube Vdeos and blog tutorials.
I am pretty happy with the results, but it seems like it’s still to quite and I don’t know how I could adjust the volume, so i can just run marks for future audio files to get everything done with just two clicks.

Here is my current work flow with audacity with everything I learned so far.
I am always happy about any suggestions and tips you can give me, to improve my voice and audio.

The recording:
I am using a Tascam DR-10L to record my audio, with the lav that was delivered with it.

  • Mic Gain: H
  • Low Cut : On
  • Limiter Off
  • Auto Level Off
  • FS Sample 48 kHz
  • Bit Length: 24 bit
  • File Type: Mono
  • Dual Rec: -6 db
  • Mic Bias: On

Than I am importing the file to Audacity an run 2 Makros.

First One:

  1. Compressor:
    AttackTime=“0.13” NoiseFloor=“-40” Normalize=“1” Ratio=“4.4” ReleaseTime=“1” Threshold=“-19” UsePeak=“0”

  2. Normalize:
    ApplyGain=“1” PeakLevel=“-3” RemoveDcOffset=“1” StereoIndependent=“0”

  3. Filter Curve:
    f0=“74.788239” f1=“125.23361” f2=“169.26388” f3=“244.61551” f4=“3989.9378” f5=“5077.3938” f6=“6592.3227” f7=“7951.556” f8=“10051.23” FilterLength=“8191” InterpolateLin=“0” InterpolationMethod=“B-spline” v0=“-23.684208” v1=“-0.43062401” v2=“2.5837326” v3=“-0.28708267” v4=“0” v5=“2.0095692” v6=“2.727272” v7=“2.0095692” v8=“-0.14354134”

After that I am doing the Noise Reduction with the standard settings, than 2nd Marko

Second One:
I had a DeClicker in it, but I have to process 60 minutes or more audio files and the DeClicker has taken 30 mins alone to process so I decided to get rid of it.
So now it’s:

  1. De-Esser
    control-absolute-threshold=“-19” control-action-choice=“Apply changes” control-crossfade-interval=“5” control-frequency-bound1=“2500” control-frequency-bound2=“10242” control-n-bands=“10” control-step-dur-ms=“10”

  2. Normalize:
    ApplyGain=“1” PeakLevel=“-3” RemoveDcOffset=“1” StereoIndependent=“0”

  3. Begrenzer / Limiter:
    gain-L=“0” gain-R=“0” hold=“10” makeup=“No” thresh=“-3” type=“SoftLimit”

  4. Loudness Normalization <— This is the setting I hope it’s getting my volume up as much as needed to be loud enough on YouTube, but something seems to be missing
    DualMono=“1” LUFSLevel=“-14” NormalizeTo=“1” RMSLevel=“-21.6” StereoIndependent=“0”

  5. Begrenzer / Limiter:
    gain-L=“0” gain-R=“0” hold=“10” makeup=“No” thresh=“-3” type=“SoftLimit”

That’s it.
If you have any ideas, how I can get my voice / audio louder without making it sound bad or clipping, I’d love to read your suggestions.
Any tipp to improve my workflow or order of settings is really really welcome since I have learned everything by myself from YouTube / Blog entries, so there will be a lot of room for improvements.



Try the LevelSpeech2.ny plugin
suggested settings.png
Followed by the desibilator.ny plugin