Forum actvity, weekly summary: redirect goes through awstracker page

In my preferences I set up an activity summary to be sent to my account on a weekly basis.
In the past I just clicked on one of the topics in the mail and got straight to the details of the thread in the forum.
Lately, when I click on " read more" or the topic title, the deref-address looks like this “[…]” which my ad-blocker complains about, since it gets routed first through “”.
I wonder if redirection was configured by the forum itself or if this was introduced by someone else (gmx?).
If the former, and the forum has a legitimate interest in tracking activities like this, I will consider supporting this. If the latter, I will not and avoid clicking links in the future.
FWFIW I also have a similar subscription to the Shotcut forum (looks like they use similar forum SW) and the links I get in their weekly activity mails are unspoilt. (Win10/11)

There’s a similar question here: About the forum - links in reply alert emails

ah - thanks. I didn’t know how to search for this topic …
So I assume someone is looking into changing this behavior.

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