About the forum - links in reply alert emails

Why do the links in email alerts about replies go through “awstrack”? Why do we have to (accept to) be tracked when we want to open the discussion in a browser window in order to react to the reply?

I can’t be the only one who has an ad blocker that blocks awstrack…

Perhaps @LWinterberg can shed some light on this. As you probably already know, you can just use the email as an alert there is a reply to your post - just go to the forum and click on “My Posts” to read it.

Well, yes, that’s how I reply now. But that’s even more overhead than clicking through uBlock’s warnings.

Ideally it would be possible to reply to the email alert and post that way - like we’d be able to do on github :wink:

I’ll look into this. In principle, the forum can support reply-by-email but it needs to be configured. I agree that the aws tracking isn’t necessary.

Thanks, I appreciate that!

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