Folder that has never been Processed?

I have a Recording project which only contains ONLY an “e00” folder. This “e00” folder has 5 subfolders named “d00”, “d01”,“d02”, “d03”, “d04”. Each of these subfolders contain many *.au files. I have tried various things to be able to finish creating this project and export it as an MP3. I am at a loss… What is the correct way to do this!? Thank You!

You need to find the “AUP” file that goes with it.
What’s the name of the folder that contains the “e00” folder?

I don’t find an .AUP file in this project folder. Maybe it was saved incorrectly? All the very small sound files are listed in the folders. They sound great, but are only a few seconds long. There is a good number of them. HAve we lost the ability to make this into a useable sound file since, somehow, it was saved without creating an AUP file?

The “_data” folder contains the raw audio data as “blockfiles” (typically each are 6 seconds long).
The “AUP” file contains the instructions / bookkeeping for Audacity to put the data back together, plus track names, envelopes, track settings, labels, and everything else that makes up the project. (In short, everything except for the audio data).

You need both, the AUP and the _data or you have no show.

You didn’t say the name of the folder that contains the “e00” folder, so I’ll give an example:
If the folder is called “my-project_data”, then the AUP file will be called “my-project.aup”.
The data folder will always end with “_data” unless you change it manually, in which case it won’t work.

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