Focus horizontal scroll bar on one waveform (db) only

I have two mono waveform (db) tracks visible - I want to cut from one track to insert into another.

To do this I want to use the horizontal scroll on one track only, keeping the other track unscrolled. I must be missing something because nothing I do selects only one track to scroll. In every case when I slide the horizontal scroll or use shift + mousewheel, both tracks scroll, even if only one has the yellow highlight round it.

Any help appreciated!

You can’t do this straightforwardly in one project.

The only way I can think of to do this is to have two different Audacity projects open - you can then slide the horizontal scroll bar separately (or zoom) in each project and cut /copy from one to paste in the other.

With careful window sizing you can have both projects visible on-screen at the same time.