Fledgling voice artist seeking counsel

I would have thought we got past this a while ago.

You can make a successful recording without listening to it.

It’s critical that you make the sound meters, lights, and flashers on your recorder happy while you’re recording. They insure the correct balance between, overload (too high) and noise (too low). The bouncing sound meters in Audacity are the digital version of the older analog meters such as the two rectangular tan ones on my old field sound mixer.

It’s not recommended, but I have made successful sound recordings without hearing a thing, just by using my meters. Apparently, you’re trying to do it upside down. Everything by listening and not use the meters at all. That’s very dangerous and why nine time zones of puzzled looks.

When you announce in the booth, you should be watching the Audacity sound meters out the corner of your eye to make sure you’re in the general ballpark. You can make the meters larger by clicking on the right-hand edge and pulling sideways.

If you can’t see the meters, then it’s a lot harder. You have to make recordings at various volume settings and loudnesses until the meters bounce at about -6 and the peak blue waves just tip up at about 50% (0.5) when you perform. Like in Steve’s pix. You can do 50% either up or down. This level setting is not optional. Many of the following steps depend on getting this one right.

Then, after you get a short performance like that, post it. I can’t stress enough the volume settings and announce performance are adjusted to satisfy the sound meters and blue waves, not your headphones.